• AphroChic: Bring The Beauty Of Peruvian Textiles Home

    Bring The Beauty Of Peruvian Textiles Home

    Woven strips of wool, bright and vivid shades, diverse patterns, these are the foundations of Peruvian textiles. These richly, colorful rugs from Peru are part of Urban…

  • AphroChic: Kari Herer's Elegant Floral Portraits

    Kari Herer’s Elegant Floral Portraits

    Floral portraiture is taking hold in the world of interior design. Beautiful blooms make an artistic impression against moody navy blue and black backdrops, in these photos by…

  • AphroChic: The Latest Pattern Obsession: Shibori

    The Latest Pattern Obsession: Shibori

    Shibori is a form of resist-dying similar to tie-dye. In Shibori, a cloth is tightly bound, wound around an object or sewn and then dyed. The resulting cloth displays a repeating…


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